The crossroads of civilizations along the silk roads as a starting point and a unique basis for the relations between Italy and China, as well as the path to be pursued by anyone approaching the Chinese world.

It is crucial to start from “learning”: learning the history, the traditions, the law and the practices of a distant world. Understanding this world becomes the key to success in establishing strong personal and business relationships.

We believe it is necessary to be familiar with and understand a system of traditional values which is different from our own, but which, at the same time, leads to a shared perception of the human condition.

To learn and to deepen the understanding of the political, social and regulatory development of a country that changes everyday, following paths that have been previously set, but that can take a different course anytime depending on unforeseeable factors.

A serious and professional approach based on constant research and integrity, having as an ultimate purpose not only the implementation of projects but also the achievement of common goals.