Sinoglobal’s Mr. Camaggio Interview on Renmin Ribao

Sinoglobal’s Founder and Managing Director Mr. Gianpaolo Camaggio was interviewed by the Chinese newspaper Renmin Ribao (People’s Daily) on the occasion of President Xi Jinping’s visit to Italy in March 2019.

In the article on Sino-Italian relations and cooperation, Mr. Camaggio shared his opinion on the importance of President Xi Jinping’s visit to Italy and the opportunities for Italian business deriving from the development of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. 

Link to the article published on the website of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China:

Below, an English translation of an extract of the article (人民日报 Renmin Ribao, 22 March 2019):

“Mr. Gianpaolo Camaggio, CEO of the Italian company Sinoglobal Investments Advisory, has worked at law firms in Beijing and Shanghai. Following the increasingly close trade relations between China and Italy, a few years ago he went back to his hometown Bari, in Italy, where he set up a tax and investment consulting company, frequently travelling back and forth between China and Italy, to provide consulting services to Italian companies for trade, commerce and investments in China. According to Mr. Camaggio, the visit of President Xi Jinping will give new impetus to trade between Italy and China, offering Italian companies the opportunity to actively participate in the joint development of the Belt and Road.”