“New Actors in Sub-Saharan Africa’s International Relations”

Conference on “New Actors in Sub-Saharan Africa’s International Relations”
(BBFF 2017 – University of Bari, 11 October 2017)

The Conference is an attempt to draw attention to new actors in Sub-Saharan Africa’s international relations, providing an analysis of new foreign investments in Africa’s Sub-Saharan countries from an economic perspective and discussing its impact in geopolitical terms.

A special focus is put on China, one of the main foreign investors in Sub-Saharan Africa. Amb. Alberto Bradanini, Chairman of Centro Studi Sulla Cina Contemporanea and former Ambassador of Italy to Iran (2008-2013) and People’s Republic of China (2013-2015), presents an interesting standpoint on the (hindering) role of EU in bilateral relations of EU countries with other countries, addressing the issue of the potential for Italy to collaborate with China and seize new opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. At the same time, Amb. Bradanini stresses the need for Italy to invest in learning and R&D in order to achieve win-win cooperation with China.

Mr. Gianpaolo Camaggio moderates the Conference (the event was organized by Sinoglobal as sponsor of the BBFF 2017), inviting guest speakers to discuss the role of Italy and investment opportunities in the relationship with China and Africa, and emphasizing the importance of raising awareness on new international dynamics in order to seize new opportunities in areas which deserve more investigation, such as Sub-Saharan Africa.

The videos of the Conference sessions are available here.