MOVE TO CHINA: a new China Desk service at Confindustria Bari-BAT

(November 2020)

Sinoglobal supported Confindustria Bari-BAT (local association of the General Confederation of Italian Industry) for the launch of “Move to China”, a China Desk project for the internationalization of local SMEs towards the Chinese market.

Sinoglobal offered consulting service for orientation of local SMEs in the internationalization towards the Chinese market by providing companies with the following:

–  Legal framework for business under the PRC law;

–  Strategic consultancy for the resolution of critical issues in a business relationship with   China and updated information on potential opportunities/relevant events in China;

–   Liaison activities and promotion of integrated actions with institutions and business organizations operating in the Chinese territory to support Italian investors.

“Move to China” was launched also as a platform to monitor the needs of local businesses and suggest initiatives to seize opportunities in the large and complex Chinese market.

(Confindustria Bari-BAT letter to its members)

Here is a link to the initiative on the website of Apulia Region Government –Internationalization Section