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Sinoglobal Investments Advisory is an international consulting company, specialized in advising both private and corporate clients with investments in the People’s Republic of China (including Hong Kong) or which are interested in developing business, investment plans and cooperation projects with Chinese companies and institutions, both in China and in Italy, as well as in other areas attracting Chinese investments, with a particular interest towards Central Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We provide accounting, tax and internationalization consulting services through our professionals or in partnership with an important network of professionals who are experts in the jurisdictions of target countries and whose activities are coordinated by our Company.

Our partners are Professional Law Firms, Service Companies, Fund Managers and Institutions (public and private) with whom we collaborate in order to provide our Clients with customized solutions, guarantee high-level services and stimulate our professional growth.

  • Accounting, tax and administrative consulting services for companies with direct investments in the People’s Republic of China (including Hong Kong)

  • Consulting services to assist foreign investors in Italy

  • Contractual consultancy and assistance in cross-border transactions (including M&A)

  • Business internationalization services (internationalization strategies, analysis of target countries, development of entry strategy in target countries, scouting for business and investment opportunities)

  • Assistance to public administration for the management of relations with Chinese institutions

  • Chinese language services, document translation services (IT-EN-ZH) and cross-cultural support in relation to the Chinese cultural context

  • Corporate training on doing business in China and specific areas of Chinese law

TEL | FAX +39 080 5213168
Italian VAT n. 07815490722

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